Difference Between FMS and SFMA

The FMS is our Functional Movement Screen for wellness. It is our standard operating procedure to observe how an individual is moving to allow the fitness or healthcare professional to make the best programming decisions for them. It identifies our biggest opportunities for that individual. By looking at 7 movement patterns, professionals are able screen and capture information on the individual's mobility, stability, and how they pattern these movements, as well as identifying any asymmetries in movement. From this information, the professional can make an educated decision on which patterns they can train, which they need to improve, and those that may be painful and need further assessment. No more guessing! By completing the FMS 1 Online course or attending a live or virtual course, you will be equipped with the FMS principles, why screening is important, how to complete and score the screen, and introduced to our corrective algorithm.

SFMA is our clinical assessment for individuals experiencing pain. It is a movement-based diagnostic assessment that systematically finds the cause of pain - not just the source - by logically breaking down movement patterns in a structured, repeatable process. It removes biases and allows the healthcare professional to assess the person as a whole, factoring in regional interdependence. The SFMA provides a movement diagnosis, identifying both mobility and motor control restrictions, allowing for more efficient and effective interventions. By completing the SFMA 1 Online course or attending a live or virtual course, you will be armed with a standard operating procedure for diagnostics of individuals in pain. The primary focus of the Level 1 is to empower participants to not only gain experience with the assessment, but also to develop confidence to successfully integrate the system into their clinical practice. Although we encourage all professionals to learn the SFMA 1, the certification is reserved for allied healthcare professionals.

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